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Legal Helpline

In the provision of healthcare, you will encounter unexpected issues which don’t always arise during normal business hours and may require a rapid turnaround or even an emergency response. As a Marketform Policy Holder you have 24-hour access to their dedicated phone and email advice services. The service is provided by Bevan Brittan.

Our team of specialist health solicitors offer advice on a wide range of service areas such as:

  • Medical ethics – including end of life scenarios
  • Confidentiality/Freedom of information/DPA (particularly in multi-agency work)
  • Treatment of children/vulnerable adults/religious groupings
  • Emergency treatment orders/injunctions/withholding treatment
  • Mental health and mental capacity treatment issues
  • Managing an emergency, sudden death or adverse incident
  • Consent/treatment risk evaluation

The service covers situations arising in your practice or business and for which Marketform may provide you with insurance under your programme. Please note individual doctors will usually be expected to contact their defence organisations for advice, but if Bevan Brittan is contacted this way they will advise the doctors accordingly.

The Marketform Helpline is not a claims or complaints notification line, for which you should follow the usual process. The provision of advice by Bevan Brittan also does not automatically mean that cover is given under your policy of insurance and you may need to liaise with Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance after you have received initial advice.

Marketform Helpline – 0207 154 7700