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Cosmetic Insurance Testimonials


We have over 20 years experience providing specialist insurance to cosmetic practitioners – view some of the comments from our satisfied customers below.


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I’ve been highly recommended to Hamilton Fraser as an insurance company and I’ve been transferred from another insurance company for about a year now and I’ve found Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance to be very, very supportive, very helpful, always been able to answer all my queries and questions in a supportive and helpful manner, and they are extremely professional. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in the medical aesthetic field.”

Rochan Razavi, Medical Aesthetician – 5/5

I have been insured with Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance for 18 years.  They’ve given me brilliant cover, brilliant support, and on the odd occasion when I have to pick up the phone and ask a question, the question’s been answered immediately, really good support so I’m very, very happy with that, in fact so happy that I’ve gone on to use them for my other business which is a distribution business where I bring in a lot of stock from the United States for distributing throughout the UK, and obviously I need business insurance for that as well so my confidence level was high and I’ve turned to them for that as well.

Lorna Bowes, Independent Nurse Prescriber – 5/5

I have been using Hamilton Fraser for the last 4 or 5 years, and I haven’t used them yet but whenever I ask or enquire about anything they are quite helpful and they come back very quickly and with the right answers and to the point.”

Rochan Razavi, Medical Aesthetician – 4/5

Thanking you once more for the efficient and professional nature of your work.

Rahul Kukar – 5/5

Many thanks. Your quick attention was much appreciated

Sue Shaw – 4/5


Based on all our customer review, Cosmetic Insurance has been rated 4.6 out of 5 for its customer service.