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How to increase online engagement with your content by Adam Hampson

Published 15th August 2017

How to increase online engagement with your content by Adam Hampson

Adam Hampson is the founder and director of Cosmetic Digital, a web design and digital marketing agency in Nottingham that works with clients in the cosmetic medical sector. He is also a public speaker on aesthetics marketing and branding. Adam Hampson shares his tips on how to increase online engagement with your content.

In an increasingly competitive market, where potential clients are spoilt for choice with treatments, products and providers, it can seem challenging to make your business stand out. However, with thought provoking, engaging content you can spark the interest of your target audience and keep your business in their memory.

Sharing Is Critical

Our interactions are largely affiliated with the online world, and platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are where we not only socialise, but find information. Sharing content across social media is vital to increase your audience engagement markedly. To optimise the effectiveness of sharing, you can repost articles with re-worded headings at later dates; this type of content is nicknamed “evergreen” for its long-lasting nature.

Well-maintained, active social media pages are an incredible asset to your business, as an online hub where prospective and present clients can learn about your company, what you provide and establish connections.

Write with Your Audience in Mind

Getting to know your target audience is another important tool to increase engagement with your online content. By understanding the people who you want to read your articles, or visit your website, you can tailor your content accordingly. Research trending topics or treatments, or common questions people have about a product or treatment and answer them in a blog post. Following that, look at what of your previous content has had the best online reception – is there a connection between them? A reoccurring style?

Show Personality

It’s important to strike the correct balance of professionalism and personality. Whilst offering professional expertise on a subject may be what the reader came for, it’s personality that may keep them interested. Showing personality could be with a witty strapline, a creative writing-style or something as simple as images of your own staff, before and afters, or images of your clinic. Personality gives a sense of authenticity, and reinstates to online users how much attention to detail goes into everything your business does. Having a personal touch to your content may also evoke your audience to remember you over a competitor.

The Power of Video

Last year it was predicted that online video would account for 69% of all consumer traffic, a prediction that seems to have proven true. We read so much in our daily lives, that taking a break and watching a video can provide relief for your brain. The idea of producing video content can be intimidating, but it does not need to be. Whilst professional editing, exceptional graphics and camera crews can be beneficial when showcasing videos, they are not essential. Why not ask your online audience for questions, and film answers in a Q+A session with a member of staff? Filming a popular treatment and sharing it with your online community? It’s proven that images attract more attention online than text alone, but video takes this a step further.


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