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New Era New Policy

Published 21st March 2017

This month we have launched our new combined policy to meet all the insurance needs of today’s aesthetic practitioner and assist you in growing your business.

Along with our comprehensive medical malpractice policy, we now offer three additional policies, offering protection for your Clinic and Surgery, Directors and Officers as well as Cyber Liability.

You can have all your insurance needs covered in one place by purchasing our one combined solution or in standalone policies designed specifically for your cosmetic business.

At Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance, we are committed to providing bespoke cover to support your insurance requirements.

Medical Malpractice Policy

Our Medical Malpractice Insurance policy has been created to protect cosmetic practitioners against allegations of malpractice and negligence in their performance of cosmetic treatments. Whether you run a single clinic or a chain of clinics, it is important to make sure you have adequate insurance in place should the unexpected happen. We go further than standard malpractice policies, providing protection against your reputation as a professional such as defamation, loss of documents and criminal defence costs.

Clinic and Surgery Policy

For practitioners operating from their own premises, this policy covers both the contents of your clinic and the premises themselves. Our Clinic and Surgery policy covers your stock, equipment and machinery including laser machines. It also provides business interruption cover to run your business even in the event of a disaster such as a flood.

Directors and Officers Liability

As a director or officer of a company you make many decisions to manage your business effectively. Failure in those duties can sometimes lead to a claim from an employee, shareholder, customer, or regulatory body. Our Directors and Officers Insurance is designed to protect you from such risks.

Cyber Liability

As a cosmetic practitioner you should not underestimate the interest online criminals might have in your businesses, or the chaos a cyber incident could cause. Our Cyber Liability Insurance will offer protection in the event of any loss, illegal threat or interruption as a result of a cyber attack.

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