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Another Year of Success at ACE 2017!

Published 13th April 2017


The Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition (ACE) is an annual event, bringing together medical aesthetic professionals from all around the UK. The intent of ACE is to keep medical practitioners up to date on the latest techniques, treatments and enhancements in the medical aesthetics industry.



Hamilton Fraser found ACE 2017 to be a great hit! With the number of medical practitioners who attended ACE, it was a great opportunity for us to showcase #NewEraNewPolicy. Our brand new combined policy is designed to meet all the insurance needs of an aesthetic practitioner. It aims to provide aesthetic professionals with four types of cover in one. These are; a Medical Malpractice Policy, Clinic & Surgery Policy, Directors & Officers Liability Policy and Cyber Liability. However, you can purchase standalone policies that are more suited to your cosmetic business.  For more information on this and how you can create a bespoke policy to suit you please find our contact details below.


Our Cosmetic Manager Naomi Di-Scala was one of ACEs speakers, presenting an overview of the common complaints in aesthetics and guidance on how to handle as well as prevent them. This was well attended and we believe this to be beneficial to cosmetic practitioners. Along with her talk, Naomi provided a PowerPoint with short notes for the crowd to also follow. If you unfortunately missed the presentation. Then here is the final slide. It has small summary notes of what Naomi spoke about in her talk:



Alternatively, if you missed this presentation you have the opportunity to watch this in full by visiting our Facebook page or by clicking here.
Overall, the Aesthetics Conference showed huge success for the cosmetic team at Hamilton Fraser. Bringing in a great amount of potential new business clients and showcasing our latest cosmetic insurance policy to the industry. We hope to continue the successes of ACE 2017 into next year’s Aesthetics event. We will again be attending ACE between the 27th and 28th of April 2018. We would also like to thank all those who attended our drinks reception. It was a great opportunity for us to see everyone, forge new relationships and catch up with existing customers. On top of this, we would also like to express gratitude to the members of the Hamilton Fraser team who were present at the event and put in a lot of hard work. Our staff found the day enjoyable and educational as well as a great success in generating leads.



If you missed the chance to catch up with one of the Hamilton Fraser team and would like more information please contact us directly on 08006343881 or email us

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