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Are you fully covered for all complaint related issues?

Published 27th November 2017

Are you fully covered for all complaint related issues?
At Hamilton Fraser, we aim to deliver peace of mind by ensuring that you and your business are fully protected against consumer complaints.

Our dedicated cosmetic sales team will assist you in creating a bespoke medical malpractice policy tailored to your needs, based on the treatments and products that you offer. Our policy will protect you against professional negligence by a health care professional or provider where the treatment provided was substandard, causing harm or injury.

With our medical malpractice policy you will also receive assistance in the event that a patient makes a complaint regarding a treatment that they have received from you or another practitioner named on the policy. Complaints covered range from a client being unhappy with the result and treatments not working, to insufficient aftercare which may lead to a complication or, more seriously, bodily injury in the event that a procedure goes wrong.

Our in-house claims team are here to offer advice on how to deal with customer complaints and will assist in drafting response letters to patients. Any complaints relating to injury or solicitor involvement will be promptly notified to the underwriters and solicitors will be appointed to deal with either the defence or to negotiate settlement if there has been any negligence.

The Cosmetic Redress Scheme was set up to assist clients with service-related complaints against your business. As a member of the scheme you or your company will receive assistance in dealing with a complaint from one of our experienced complaint handlers. Complaints are resolved either through informal mediation or reaching a decision on the matter.

Our Cosmetic Redress Scheme is designed to assist you with any service-related complaints while our medical malpractice policy will support you in the event that you receive a complaint of medical negligence. If you would like to join or for further information on the Cosmetic Redress Scheme please click here.

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